To both potential and current patients,

In this time of dire need for support and good mental and emotional health, we at Child Resilience wish to continue to provide you and/or your children with the option to continue sessions while staying safe at home.

As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect many locations across New Jersey, we have made the decision to offer video and phone conferencing options in hopes of continuing/beginning you or your child’s journey to good mental health while taking preventative measures to stay home.

You may have some questions on how this all works, and we’re all dedicated to helping you achieve your needs as painless and convenient as possible.

Please contact us by phone/online form for more information.

This page is constantly updating regarding information of telehealth. Please watch this page for more updates!

Let's Work Together to Help Your Child

If your child is facing any of these difficulties or obstacles, if you feel your child would benefit from any of these services, or if you are not sure and want to get in touch, please call or contact me using the form in the link below. Let's work together and help your child reach their potential!

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